Hanukkah gets short shrift around here, even though we always got Ru and Otis in on the act in years past (much to their chagrin). Gil really only observes the high holidays, and our nieces live in the midwest, so Christmas is more of a thing with the NJ Roths. But since it’s the holiday of fried food — something I can definitely get behind with my own roots — we’d be remiss not to devote one day during Sweets Week to something appropriate for the season.

While latkes are understandably popular snacks associated with Hanukkah, sufganiyot captured my heart some time ago, as any jelly donut will. Darcie found a terrific recipe at Bon Appetit/Epicurious that turned out delicious, not-too-sweet sweets, just perfect to share with you today.

Guacamole with Pear and Pomegranate Seeds

This unusual spin on guacamole is something I first tried years ago after seeing it referenced in another blog. Though I haven’t made it since, it always stuck with me because it’s honestly over-the-top delicious, so when Darcie and I were brainstorming for Small Bites Week, I immediately suggested this. It may sound really sweet with the pear mixed in, but the pomegranate adds tartness, and the initial step of grinding onions with peppers and salt disperses the savory element throughout, so it achieves a balance you wouldn’t otherwise expect.

Find Darcie’s post here, and visit Epicurious for the recipe, and let us know how you like it! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Pomegranate Guacamole 2 | Amy Roth Photo