Winner, Winner, Tri-Tip Dinner

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weather last week (Seriously, Spring, make up your melon.) gave way to meteorological perfection for Memorial Day, which was the clearest sign imaginable that I was meant to break out the grill. Our freezer has no shortage of candidates for such an endeavor, … Continue reading

Another Hanukkah, Another Macaroon

I'm heading to Louisiana tomorrow for an extra-long (and warm-weathered) Christmas visit with my family! (Cue happy dance.) Gil has to work this week, so he'll join us after spending a few days alone with the dogfaces. Since I won't be around for the start of Hanukkah, I thought I'd make Gil a … Continue reading

No market for you!

I did very little cooking over the July 4th weekend, as we were invited to two parties and I brought booze to one of them. There was plenty of eating and even more relaxing, though, so it all worked out well for me despite the lack of quality time spent with my kitchen. Our friends John & Liz … Continue reading

Herbal profusion

The past month's deluge has been my basil plant's mortal enemy, but a true friend to my rosemary, thyme and sage plants -- they've gone into overdrive, growing lush and flavorful from the extended soak. With the herbs spilling from the pot, I've been working them into as many dishes as possible. … Continue reading

The final countdooooowwnnnn

(OK, there's nothing final -- I hope -- about tonight's countdown. We've just been watching more Arrested Development this week.) We'll be ringing in the new year with blini, sour cream & caviar and toasting with prosecco. A bit of a culture clash, I'll admit, but our movie marathon this … Continue reading