Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Hi, everyone! It’s good to be back. We’ve celebrated a birthday and an anniversary since I last posted, but those milestones caused barely a blip on our radar, given the other major happenings in our lives. We had even greater cause to reflect on another journey around the sun when Gil left the job he’d held for 17 YEARS to form a trade association for a segment of advertisers in the magazine he edited. More than just needing a change as part of a (thankfully non-sleazy) mid-life crisis, this is his chance to build a new business from the ground up, so after a lot of talking, we decided he’d be crazy not to try. It means tightening our belts for a little while, but that’s ok.

So we’ve both been working from home. Hey, I heard that sharp inhalation and can practically see you wincing! But really, it’s been great. Gil’s been traveling a bit, so we haven’t had two straight weeks of each other yet, but even when he’s here, he’s at one end of the house and I’m at the other. So no, we aren’t sick of each other yet.

My big news isn’t nearly so momentous. I fully expected a freelance photography career to have its ups and downs, but it’s been mostly downs for a while now. I’m looking into a contract position doing photo production work for the summer so I can earn a steady paycheck and refill the coffers, but to get my business back on track, I registered for Marie Forleo’s B-School. It’s a big commitment, both monetarily and in time spent, but the course has nearly paid for itself already and I’m only three weeks in. And I’m learning SO MUCH. I’ve never pretended to have a head for business, but it’s been shocking to find out how much I didn’t know, and terrifically surprising to have fun learning about building a business.

I’ve gained a lot of clarity about the people I want to serve, too, and I was shocked to discover that it isn’t major food magazines. Of course, I’d still kill to shoot for them, but the clients I’ve truly loved working with over the past year and change have been small business owners and restaurateurs — people with whom I can form a relationship and really help by providing beautiful imagery, be it branding photos or simple product photography and styling.

Now that I’ve gotten clear about the WHO, I need to figure out the HOW. So I’ll put this call out to you. If you fit the bill — maybe you own a small restaurant or run a food-related business, or just need better product photos for your Etsy store — give me a shout. I’d love to talk to you about your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

You may notice a little change in my site design, too. As part of B-School, we’re encouraged to provide opt-ins on our websites that offer our readers things they need or want. I can’t quite figure out what that might be for Amy Roth Photo, so I thought it’d be best to begin here, at the blog that started it all for me. I’m going to start sending out a monthly newsletter featuring new gluten-free recipes, product photography, and special offers (though probably not all three each and every month). If you’d like to sign up, you can either go to the bottom of this post and look for a light blue box, go to the top of the Blog sidebar, or down to the footer. I tried to make it easy for you, PLUS there’s a special thank you for everyone once you’ve confirmed your registration.

I know all of this has nothing to do with that bit of beauty at the top of the page, so thank you for bearing with me while I got that off my chest. What you see up there is a celebratory apple tart I baked for Gil’s last day at the office. We decided not to do a big blow-out celebration because it was happening right in the middle of my birthday and our wedding anniversary and frankly eating out a third time in the space of a week and a half just didn’t sound that appealing.


To make the tart, I started with my standard gluten-free tart crust from Elana’s Pantry, dusted it with ground cinnamon, then proceeded with the free-form apple tart instructions at Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn. My mandoline didn’t come out to play because I’ve grown attached to the skin on my knuckles, so the apples were a bit thicker than they should’ve been. It didn’t affect baking time or flavor, though, so don’t worry if you have the same issue.

The tart was rich and buttery-tasting from the almond flour, but totally vegan. It wasn’t very sweet, so you could eat a large piece and not feel like you needed a nap, but it was still sweet enough to feel like a treat with afternoon tea. All in all, a great recipe for a quick dessert. I’d imagine it’d be wonderful with a dollop of pastry cream or whipped cream, but that experiment will come later.

For now, I’ll be working on B-School and planning a bigger work life.