Amy’s first risotto

So... yeah. It's been a while. How've you been? You're looking great -- have you lost weight? My apologies for abandoning this site, but things got seriously out of hand at work those last few weeks leading up to Christmas, and I couldn't find time to do any cooking at all, and what's a food blog … Continue reading

Sittin’ here in La-La…

And we're back, after spending almost a full week with family in Louisiana; catching up with everyone was lots of fun and the purpose of the trip, of course, but the balmy weather was what really put smiles on our faces after our 15-degree week here in the northeast. "But what about the food?" you … Continue reading

Advent Calendar, Day 8

The Messiah This time of year, you can usually find me at my piano poring over the score of The Messiah, trying to decide if my alto won't embarrass me too much to sing with the masses at Lincoln Center. It's a magical experience to hear such power and beauty result from so many individual … Continue reading