From the Pinterest Files: Bun Cha

With gorgeous weather expected in the area this weekend (and not at ALL next week), I'll be grilling as much as possible while I can. If that's your plan, too, I have a great recipe for you. Instead of slapping another steak or some burgers on the grill, how about trying bun cha (Vietnamese pork … Continue reading

Support for Sandy

While Hurricane Sandy is already 10 days behind us, we're still dealing with its effects here in NJ/NY and will be for some time to come. Many who weren't affected by the tidal surge that destroyed entire communities down the shore find themselves without power even now. We sat in a chilly … Continue reading

On the shoulders of giants

You guys know I usually like to wing it in the kitchen, right? It's certainly not a surprise to poor Gil, who has to deal with my creations. (Btw -- sorry for that particularly meh quinoa salad I made for dinner recently, honey!) But sometimes I do the thing up proper-like and follow real recipes … Continue reading

Prudently porky

Well, it's been quite a couple of weeks, once again. Though work continues to occupy most of my waking thoughts (and many of my sleeping ones), I've still managed to keep my pointy-headed geek side fed with election and economic news as well. And I've been cooking, turning out lots of comfort … Continue reading

More grilling? Well, if you insist…

I fully intended to give you a rundown of our July 4th menu today, complete with a couple of lovely side salads inspired by Mark Bittman's picnics column from last week, but today's fare was ribs and there's just no way I can write about vegetables at a time like this. Since I first posted about … Continue reading