At Least Thanksgiving Dessert is Set

Thanksgiving is coming! Yikes! I've been bookmarking recipes on my "Thanksgiving" Pinterest page for a few weeks, but somehow lost track of time and now it feels like: I'LLNEVERGETEVERYTHINGDONEOMGRUNAWAYRUNAWAYRUNAWAY! Deep breaths... I've never been one for making a traditional Thanksgiving … Continue reading

Day 5, Orange-Scented Rice Pudding

It's a real joy to reach into the fridge for prepared ingredients and pull together a new dish in no time flat. If you've been following along, you'll know I made extra rice for the smoked turkey gumbo on Day 2 and was left with orange sugar syrup from yesterday's candied orange peels, so I … Continue reading

I Have Two Words For You

OK: "Nutella" pudding. Strictly speaking, it's a gianduja pudding because there's no Nutella product in there, but that doesn't matter — if you love hazelnuts and chocolate, you'll fall hard for this dessert. I was perusing Food52 a few days ago and noticed a little "We Think … Continue reading

Deeeeep breaths…

The Saints game is about to start. As such, I have no time nor the presence of mind to write a real post, so I'll leave you with a few pictures and a promise to do better next weekend. I've been creatively moribund since the holidays, but hope it'll pass soon. Got my gris-gris going first thing … Continue reading