The Rufus Report — April 27, 2008

Wait a minute, this isn’t Rufus!

Greyhound Friends of NJ held a Meet & Greet this weekend at Rusty’s Place, our local pet store. We took Rufus down for a couple of hours and he seemed to have a great time meeting and greeting all of the other greys, though he did get a bit tangled up in the other leashes and lost his shit whenever large trucks drove by. (Mr. Sensitive actually dragged me across the parking lot when an especially loud truck passed, which made for a hilarious visual, I’m sure.) But in general, he was pretty well-behaved … whew! Gil and I had a nice time talking with other greyhound owners, who predicted we’ll have another adoption someday; I don’t think any of them had just one dog.

In typical fashion, I snapped a bunch of pictures and have posted my favorites after the jump. As always, to see the full flickr set, click on any image.

Standing guard at the entrance.

It was a butt-sniffing extravaganza, my friends.

I love how greys assume this position.

So elegant. So composed. So completely unlike our guy, who was like a bull in a china shop.

Rufus has a new crush — the pet store owners’ magnificent Great Dane. She enjoyed munching on Rufus’s toy bunny while he busied himself with a new toy from the shelves. He’s so spoiled.

8 Replies to “The Rufus Report — April 27, 2008”

  1. Tina, you should’ve seen the one with the monocle. They’re a very posh lot. 🙂

    Hey Claudia — Rufus is in the third pic engaging in a favorite doggie activity and in the last, having his heartstrings tugged. He was by far the youngest in the group, so no gray fur on him!

  2. Thanks, Mary. He only came home with the one toy — a bird of some sort — which he hasn’t let out of his sight since Saturday. He’s our OCD boy!

  3. Our groomer puts a bandana on Max the Dog at every haircut, similar to what Rufus is wearing. The effect is decidedly different when the dog is only 3.25 lbs, and snow white. Makes for a not-so-tough-looking trip to the car where I speed away, hopefully unseen.

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