The Rufus Report — August 17, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Rufus Report, mostly because we’ve settled into a nice routine and there really hasn’t been much to report.


A few weeks ago, Gil and I decided to get serious about Rufus’s training, so now we have a dog that understands he needs to sit or lie down to to get a treat. These baby steps are actually great strides when you remember that this is what we were up against. He’ll even lie on his bed while we’re eating dinner now instead of nosing his way over to our plates.

It’s made life much more relaxed for all of us:

2 Replies to “The Rufus Report — August 17, 2008”

  1. i want a rufus!
    actually i used to have a rufus, cause that was my grandfathers name. i don’t want another one of those.
    i want one like your rufus.
    too cute.
    is he a rescued greyhound? is he even a greyhound? am i showing how dumb i am? i don’t usually have to try to do that, it just happens naturally.
    said another way: i like your dog.

  2. I agree! Everyone should have a Rufus in her life! He’s a rescued greyhound, though we like to think of him as a failed racer instead of a retired one; he never came in above 3rd place as far as we can tell! He’s much more suited to what you see here. 🙂

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