The Rufus Report — March 30, 2008


It was a rough week for the boy, I’m afraid.

After getting Rufus accustomed to our house and a new routine, we threw it all away this week when Gil went to Philly for a conference. The poor boy — he had to eat at a different time, get used to a dog walker, and put up with affection from only one person in the evening. Oh, the horror! He’s terribly spoiled for Gil.

So what’s with the microwave picture? Well…

Because of a lack of counter space, we had our microwave on the floor just inside the entrance to the kitchen. One of the ways Rufus let me know he was discombobulated this week was by having little accidents around the house, and the biggest just happened to be right on the microwave; by the time I got to him, it was drenched. Now, I wasn’t as upset as you’d think, because it was on its last legs anyway and this gave me the excuse to get a new convection microwave! So far, I’ve only made shirred eggs in it, but I’m already in love.

So, good going, I suppose! Way to mark your territory, Rufus! (We made counter space for the new microwave, by the way.)

After a couple of days, he settled down a bit, but was still a very, very happy boy when Gil made it home Friday.


And now, gratuitous pictures of the dog.

Dad hoped he’d be a Cajun. Judging by his love of pork, I’d say no worries there.

Hide & seek

Rufus makes sweet, sweet love to his new bone.

…and promptly cheats on said bone with his kong. To be fair, it was filled with peanut butter.

He’s been very possessive of his food, so the dog walker suggested we hand feed him.

Sausages?! Sausages?!

How cute is that nose?

And the superexpressive Lloyd Bridges eyebrows crack me up.

A boy and his dog, together again.

7 Replies to “The Rufus Report — March 30, 2008”

  1. Cannot wait to meet Rufus. Funny how Gil wanted a dog he could wrestle with and now Rufus has chosen to make Gil his favorite (to win him over, I’m sure). They sure are smart! The pics are fabulous-not only can you cook; you can also take pics. Best of luck with Rufus.. Hope he and Dash can play together sometime soon.

  2. Thanks, Paula. We’ll have to get the boys together soon!

    Jess — they are awfully photogenic together, aren’t they?

  3. They take a bit longer to get used to girls, since they spend a lot of time with male handlers….Eventually he’ll be into you too.
    (I’m currently being ignored by our latest foster, Ned…he totally barges past me to get to Brendan! Rude!)

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