They call me “Tater Soup”

Potage Parmentier

I found myself at home mid-week trying to sleep off a sinus infection, but got bored with all of that lying about after a while. (This development is disturbing to me, since I used to be quite happy lazing the day away, watching trashy TV and napping. When did I turn into my dad, needing a project to keep me happy and productive?!) So I did what I always do; I escaped to the kitchen. Still groggy and hungover-ish from Nyquil, I wasn’t up for a full-blown meal, but a simple soup was something I could handle and Potage Parmentier fit the bill perfectly. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make and any additions to the potato and leek base amount to a “why not?” soup.

Should I add celery root? Why not?
How about some apple? Why not?
Maybe a whole head of roasted garlic? Hell, yeah! I mean…why not?

potato & leek soup with celery root, apple & roasted garlic

The soup left me with a small batch of potato and apple peels, which I hated to see go to waste, so I munched on the apple peels while the soup simmered, and turned the potato peels into a nutrient-filled version of fries…simply stir fried in a little bit of olive oil until golden brown, then tossed with salt & pepper.

Waste not, want not.

They’re really amazing drizzled with truffle oil, or better yet, melted truffle butter. But this time I just ate them plain, with a glass of iced tea. Perfection.

Potato peel fries, close-up

The boys were very supportive of my earlier decision to nap extensively, but couldn’t agree to end the day in a productive manner.

Rufus & Otis, doing what they do best.

5 Replies to “They call me “Tater Soup””

  1. Wow..when I’m sick I make myself pastina with some grated cheese and a little bit of butter…then I go back to sleep. LOL!!

  2. Those fries are the most GORGEOUS things I’ve ever seen. That’s the last time I’ll chuck my peels into the trash. YUM!

  3. you put me to shame, Amy – even on a sick day you’re so productive! – but I can’t wait to try making the soup, it looks yummy – and in spite of continuing gorgeous fall weather here in STL, I know that “soup weather” is coming, when all I need for a good weekend is a visit to the video section in the County Library and a big big pot of soup, and I’m a happy camper –
    hope you’re feeling better by now – you know that sleep is the great healer – P.S. I love the picture of the boys all sprawled out and napping –

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    Chris — That’s exactly how I used to eat my pasta when I was a kid. Still can’t get enough cheese…it’s a sickness.

    Amy & Diane — Thank you so much! My only goal here is to make someone’s mouth water, so it’s great to hear that it seems to be working out. 🙂

    Miriam — I think I’ve developed a Protestant Work Ethic somewhere along the way. How it happened is a mystery to me. I’m right there with you on soup weather and the recipe for a good weekend…Gil’s so good for not complaining about all of the pumpkin soup we’ve been eating lately! Have a great weekend.

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