Welcome to the neighborhood

The daily commute into the city may be rough, but Ringwood really is a beautiful place to live. Gil and I took Rufus for a walk around the lake this morning, and I brought my camera along to show you some of the gorgeous views.

more photos after the jump

Skyline Lakes Drive – twisty & turny, and a little dangerous to walk

a view from the bridge

…and the other side of the bridge

Gil & Ru take a breather

up & at ’em?

nah, not just yet

Skyline Lake

dubious doggeh

all is right with the world

japanese maple

beats political signage anyday

6 Replies to “Welcome to the neighborhood”

  1. What gorgeous country. I’m preparing to move from NYC to Fort Worth and these pictures are making me very sad to leave this part of the world.

    But it makes me smile to know that the three of you are enjoying it to the fullest.

  2. Thanks, Claudia & Miriam. I’m pretty partial to the boys myself. 🙂

    Rebecca, I hope the sadness is leavened by some happiness that you won’t have to deal with the gobs of snow we’ll likely get this winter. Good luck with your move!

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