You spin me right ’round

But the question is, clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Initially, it only went counter-clockwise for me, but by concentrating just to the left of her hip, I was able to get her to change directions.

How about you?

10 Replies to “You spin me right ’round”

  1. this is bizarre. i only see clockwise and can not see counterclockwise no matter how i try… like i think my computer is broken or something?

  2. no guys – it’s a total con. i read the comments on it. if you watch it long enough she just up and changes direction after a minute or so. what a riot!!! you just can’t trust anyone these days!

  3. I wouldn’t put it past the developers, but why would Gil and I see the animation going in different directions when we’re looking at the same screen at the same time?

  4. nope – it switches now and again
    (me again on this)
    just look at her bottom foot
    it is total bull
    it switches whenever
    not a brain thing…

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