A Little Self-Promotion

Hi everyone! Just dropping in to catch up a bit. I finished a big shoot for the holiday issue of a local-ish magazine last week and processed photos straight through the weekend. The knot in my shoulder is larger than my head and I’ll be starring in the sequel to How To Get Ahead in Advertising if it doesn’t go down soon! I’m afraid I can’t share any of the photos with you just yet (but I will, oh yes, I will), but I DO want to let you know about a little sale I have going on in my Etsy shop today and tomorrow. I’m offering 20% off EVERYTHING in the shop — including custom orders — until 10pm ET on 9/18/13! All you have to do is use the code FALL20 in the box at the upper-right when you check out. So if you’re looking to update your walls with some food, travel or greyhound photography, now’s the time!

Here are a few of my favorites from the store. Clicking on a photo will take you directly to its Etsy listing. Hope you like them!

A Nice Cup of Tea | Minimally Invasive

Winter Sunset | Minimally Invasive

Plums | Minimally Invasive

Otis | Minimally Invasive

Coffee Beans Spill | Minimally Invasive