Hot Gates, Hot Box Office?

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I was going to mark-out for 300, and that Amy & I would likely go catch it this weekend at the local IMAX, so as to get the full theme-park experience of Thermopylae on a giant screen.

This morning, I went online and discovered that every single IMAX screening this weekend is sold out.

I have to admit, my powers of prognostication aren’t the greatest, when it comes to movies and other pop phenomena. I mean, Ghost Rider looks like a godawful movie, and it’s based on a godawful character from Marvel’s nadir. So of course it ran away with the box office and is going to pass $100 million in sales this weekend. Did I underestimate how bored and/or stupid teenagers can be in February? I guess so.

But 300? Projected to pull in $60 million in its opening weekend? I’m happy that it’s getting so much exposure, but I’m just afraid that it’ll give Frank Miller so much Hollywood cachet that he’ll pursue a bigscreen version of Give Me Liberty.

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  1. We underestimated the appeal of this movie when hitting a theatre with all sold out showings but thankfully got into one in Parisppany. Admittedly I know nothing of the history behind the story (whether in reality or in Miller’s fictional account of it), but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice to see some style added to the ol’ swords-and-sandals template. I can only imagine how amazing it will look on IMAX.

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