Busy Day

Plenty of work, plus lots of time stuck in a subway to the conference center. But it didn’t stop us from taking some good pictures of the sunset.

I posted more as part of that growing flickr set. Amy’s gotta convert hers from the last few days, and we’ll get those posted, too.

More from Paris

We went to the Louvre today, then took a walking tour of a bunch of passages, the covered shopping areas that used to dominate before the arrival of department store. I’m sure Walter Benjamin wrote about that in the Arcades Project, but I’ll likely never get around to reading it.

Anyway, I posted a bunch of my pix, added to my original Paris photoset. Amy hasn’t gone through hers to figure out which ones to post.

I head out to my conference tomorrow morning, so we’ll see what sorta shenanigans she gets into while I’m up at Villepinte. Presumably, it’ll involve shopping.

Bonus! Louvre joke: You thought Britney was a bad mom?

Pictures of Paris

We shouldn’t have taken that afternoon nap, since we’re now wide awake at midnight. Grr.

But, since we’re up, we decided to process today’s Paris pix and upload them to flickr.

Here’s my batch, shot on a Minolta Dimage Xt, the little pocket-sized camera I tote around.

Here’s Amy’s batch, with her much better Kodak EasyShare P880. The colors are much more vivid than what I can get from the Minolta, and she’s got much better zoom and control with it.

I oughtta upgrade, but I’d hate to carry a large camera with a zoom lens, and I don’t think I can get really good quality from any of the minis out there. So you guys will probably just have to suffer my poor photography.


We made it to Paris, dear readers, but your Virtual Memoirist and his wife are all sorts of wiped out. I took some pix this afternoon, but haven’t had time to download them. I hope to tomorrow morning, then post them up to flickr.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of things we simply couldn’t take pictures of:

a) the girl going through security at Newark who was wearing VERY low-risers and a black thong, which led me to nickname her “Ms. Texas Longhorn”

b) the sign in the Newark terminal that read, “Tel Aviv customers go to gate [xxx] for secure boarding.”

Ouch. Anyway, the flight was uneventful. I wasn’t interested in watching any of the in-flight flicks, but a lot of passengers were all over The Break-up, in which Jennifer Anniston’s role appeared to be that of mannequin who wears a variety of cocktail dresses.

More tomorrow!


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