John Clayton: pumping irony

Pacman Jones was “partially reinstated” by the NFL today, after getting suspended for being in or around a shooting a strip club that he may’ve caused by “making it rain,” (read: tossing wads of money in the air). For a full reinstatement, he’ll need to be on his somebody else’s best behavior through September 1. But that’s okay, reports ESPN’s John Clayton, because he has a new set of friends who can help him hew to the straight and narrow:

Since being traded to the Cowboys, Jones has tried to surround himself with a better support group. He’s befriended former Cowboys Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders.

That’s right. Michael “No contest to felony cocaine possession” Irvin and Deion “Michael Vick had a passion for dogfighting” Sanders.

They should just trade him to the Bengals already.


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