Jamie was a common name for a guy . . . in the 19th century

For some reason, I thought this card would be in black and white:

How long has Jamie been in the big leagues? To quote ESPN columnist Buster Olney,

The folks at the Elias Sports Bureau answered this question: Who are the youngest and oldest hitters he has faced? Tony Perez, born on May 14, 1942, is the oldest, and Justin Upton, born on Aug. 25, 1987, is the youngest. That’s a gap of 45 years, which is almost incomprehensible.

I saw Jamie pitch in Seattle in 2001. He was only 38; when the radar gun showed one of his pitches at 78 mph, fans started shouting, “Drug test him!”

Congrats on making your first World Series appearance, Moyer! Go Phils!

Update: Looks like Jamie might get some post-Series endorsements for Depends.