What It Is: 5/3/10

What I’m reading: What I’m reading: Baby, I Don’t Care, Storeyville, and Fly Fishing with Darth Vader.

What I’m listening to: Plastic Beach, Stop Making Sense, Natural Forces, and some B.S. Report Podcasts.

What I’m watching: Treme, Mythbusters and the Rotten Tomatoes Show. We tried to watch that Wolverine movie, but holy crap was it terrible. I mean, my wife enjoyed looking at Hugh Jackman, but the story was inane, the characters had no character and, most oddly, after 140 or so years alive, neither Wolverine nor his brother demonstrated any sign that they’d learned anything. During the opening credits, we see them fight in war after war — Civil, First & Second World, Vietnam — but it doesn’t seem that they ever get a clue that War Is Hell, And Therefore Something To Avoid. More than that, it doesn’t seem like they get any wiser about life, despite seeing generations of people die around them. You’d think there’d be a world-weariness to someone who saw so much go by, but instead they’re just standard, born-yesterday action movie characters. Oh, and that “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice” line is supposed to be delivered Badass, not Glib. Pfeh.

What I’m drinking: Aviation & Q-Tonic.

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Trying to beat the suddenly-90-degree heat.

Where I’m going: Chicago today for BIO, Toronto on Friday for TCAF. And I get to help moderate a career retrospective panel of one of my favorite cartoonists: Roger Langridge!

What I’m happy about: Crossing off another name from my list of ballparks I haven’t visited.

What I’m sad about: The name of that ballpark is U.S. Cellular, not Wrigley.

What I’m worried about: It’s the first time we’re using a dog-walker since last May when Rufus got mauled by our neighbor’s akita, so I’m a little uptight, okay?

What I’m pondering: Buying a nice laptop case / messenger bag, to replace the conference giveaway that currently serves as my Bag of Tricks.