2010-2011 NBA Preview

For the second straight year, no team-by-team breakdown or NBA preview for you! I just don’t give enough of a crap about pro hoops anymore. Last year’s explanation holds up pretty well, especially when you add the silliness of the “Super Best Friends” gang assembling in Miami. I’m sure I’ll catch some games when there’s nothing else going on, but eh. Check back during the playoffs.

These are my only observations:

  1. Paul Westphal is a head coach?
  2. Chris Bosh was the “franchise player” on a Toronto team that averaged a 37-45 record during his career.
  3. I would actually root for the Celtics over the Heat in a playoff series.

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  1. The Super Friends aren’t a lock for sure. First they would have to get through Orlando to get to the Celts, oh and after that? We haven’t even mentioned the Lakers.

    This is why I don’t follow pro sports anymore with anything but a casual interest.

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