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On Friday evening, Amy was over at a neighbor’s, so I spent some time downstairs in the library, looking at my books and pulling ones that I hope to read in the year ahead. I’m going to list them here so I can check back in December and see how far I deviated from plan. Also, so I can look like a smartypants:

That’s only 14 books, so I’ve left myself plenty of wiggle room. I don’t think I’ll start a major reading project this year, like tackling Caro’s biography of LBJ or re-reading Proust. I’ve been thinking about re-reading Middlemarch, or taking up David Mitchell’s newest one, and there are a bazillion other books downstairs to discover or return to, but this seems like a good starting point. I’ll let you know how it goes (like it or not).

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  1. Hmmm, Gil. I may actually join you in re-reading Hemingway. I might have told you, he was my author that I detested long after my first encounter with him. Only after re-readin SUN ALSO RISES about ten years ago did I come to appreciate and even like the style.

    It might be interesting to see how I view his work now.

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