Gore Smash!

At City Journal, Harry Stein has an entertaining review of Al Gore’s aptly titled Assault on Reason:

But Al Gore is like one of those guys at a party with whom, once you get a few drinks in him, you never know what’s coming. He’s liable to strip to his underwear or start spewing expletives or waddle over with an outstretched hand and ingratiating smile and suddenly go for your ear like Mike Tyson. For just beneath that aging prep-boy facade, there’s an unmistakable anger and bitterness; where Bill Clinton has always seemed too comfortable in his skin, Gore has often seemed inclined to burst out of his, like some demented political version of the Incredible Hulk.

I don’t think “It is less an argument than an extended tantrum. Reading it is often like being locked in a room with a madman” is going to end up on the back cover of the paperback.

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