Mall crawl

A lot of my years were spent in malls. Most of my friends detest malls, or at least profess to, but I embrace them. I enjoy meandering through high-end ones with quirky boutique shops, and I enjoy visiting the occasional Mall of the Living Dead, if only to see how it can all go wrong, and how a new highway can leave a landmark in the dust. I am unabashedly obsessed with retail in its many shapes and guises.

Fortunately, I live and work close to Paramus, NJ, which puts me in proximity of a broader array of retail than you can imagine. One of the neat things about Paramus is that, despite having a mind-blowingly huge amount of malls and strips, everything is shut down on Sunday. Here’s a neat newspaper article about the town, its evolution, and just how much the locals treasure that day off.

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