Martini madness

More pictures from the show. These are from a post-conference reception, which featured an innovative way to make martinis. Since vodka is my kryptonite, and gin doesn’t go well with raspberry or apple, I decided to stick with beer.

rose-colored (and other) glasses



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  1. Ah, conferences. I’m at one in Sydney at the moment (it’s a complete IT nerdfest). I hope they put on one of those vodka thingies tonight.

    My other colleagues are in Rio, and we had the same amount of luck getting materials shipped to a conference as you recently did.
    We just found out that 2000 of our brochures that we did a rush job on so we could give them a full three weeks to arrive in Rio have been diverted back to Australia. Apparently they were improperly packed (boxes are bad?) and exceeded Brazil’s import value (we made the mistake of saying they cost more than $3000). They’re freakin’ brochures! Are we going to sell them? Still no word on whether the memory sticks are gonna make it. Last we heard they had reached Miami via Germany.

  2. Carrier Rep: You shouldn’t use a fly-by-night company to ship your magazines.

    Gil: Like UPS?

    The company whose booth ended up in Lagos, Nigeria says that they last heard that shipment was in New Jersey, where it was first sent to that show in Italy. Of course, the company is based in Florida, so the NJ thing doesn’t help much.

    I’m just happy that this is the last of the biz-travel till the end of January (New Orleans, if I want to go) or late March (only Philadelphia, which is nice and close).

  3. Update on the conference I’m at…I went to the social event last night (under duress). No vodka thingy (just a lot of beer, and a lot of tanked-up socially awkward guys attempting really half-heartedly and ineptly to pick up non-cyber women).

  4. Oh, Elayne! Anyone who follows the pharma/biopharma industry knows that R&D expenditure doesn’t lead to greater drug results after a certain point. If it did, Pfizer’s EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR R&D budget would’ve put it in a better position than the crater it’s in.

    Anyway, the party was thrown by a couple of providers of outsourcing services, not actual drug companies. And it WAS awfully fun, even if Gary took it easy.

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