On Dying

Last week’s podcast with DG Myers is one of my faves (he wrote a great piece spinning out of it on his site). As I mentioned in my intro, it’s not the only episode I’ve recorded with a guest about illness, dying, or the impact of a near-death experience on one’s life. If you’re interested in more of those conversations, here’s a list of them:

  • DG Myers – Will succumb to Stage IV prostate cancer within the next 18 to 24 months
  • Rachel Hadas – Husband died after developing early onset Alzheimer’s disease
  • Tom Spurgeon – Infection left him in a coma a few years ago; his recovery has led him to re-evaluate his life
  • Boaz Roth – On rebuilding after a house fire
  • John B. – Was dead for 10 minutes and then resuscitated; we talked a year later about it

I thought about breaking out a few other categories here as a sort of podcast primer, but realized that “Older Jewish Writers” was taking up way too many entires, so you’re probably best served checking out all the episodes over here.

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