Skygod is keepin’ it real

Zeus is such a player he can bed his old lady by telling her about all the times he cheated on her:

But now let us go to bed and turn to love-making.

For never before has love for any goddess or woman

so melted about the heart inside me, broken it to submission,

as now: not that time when I loved the wife of Ixion

who bore me Peirithoos, equal of the gods in counsel,

nor when I loved Akrisios’ daughter, sweet-stepping Danae,

who bore Perseus to me, pre-eminent among all men,

nor when I loved the daughter of far-renowed Phoinix, Europa

who bore Minos to me, and Rhadamanthys the godlike;

not when I loved Semele, or Alkmene in Thebe,

when Alkmene bore me a son, Herakles the strong-hearted,

while Semele’s son was Dionysos, the pleasure of mortals;

not when I loved the queen Demeter of the lovely tresses,

not when it was glorious Leto, nor yourself, so much

as now I love you, and the sweet passion has taken hold of me.

Iliad, 14, 313-328

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