Spinning Plate(let)s

Time for another round of blood-lust! Last May, Official VM pal Elayne asked me to get the word out about the need for blood and platelet donations for her friend Nathanael Sandstrom, who was suffering from histiocytosis. I gave, as did some of my friends, for which Nathanael’s family is very thankful.

Elayne just sent word that Nathanael Sandstrom is still in need:

All those in or near NYC, below is another call for blood and platelet donations. As part of the bone marrow transplant process, Nathanael needs frequent transfusions of multiple blood products (hemoglobin, platelets, and others) until his “new” marrow begins producing on its own. We send our deepest thanks in advance for this generous gift!

I gave a double red-cell donation a few weeks ago, so I’m ineligible till mid-November. That means you, my dear NJ/NYC-area readers (those who aren’t gay, European or post-cancer, that is), get to donate in my stead!

Seriously: Please help out, if you can. If you’re not in the NY/NJ region but have eligible friends or family who are, please forward this info to them. Here are the details:

Designated donations for Nathanael must be made in the Blood Donor Room of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Please visit www.mskcc.org/blooddonations for complete information about donor eligibility and the donation process for blood or platelets.

For answers to questions and to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you please CALL:

Mary Thomas @ 212-639-3335

Coordinator, Blood Donor Program


or call the Blood Donor Room at 212-639-7648

Appointments are necessary

The Blood Donor Room is open every day

Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon.: 8:30am – 3:00pm

Tues., Wed., Thu.: 8:30am – 7:00pm

1250 First Avenue (between 67th/68th Streets) NYC – Schwartz Building lobby

FREE parking is available for donors at our garage 433 East 66th Street corner of York Avenue.

The process for donating whole blood takes approximately 1 hour.

The process for donating platelets takes about 2.5 hours. (Bring a book/Kindle or several magazines.)

All blood types are acceptable.

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  1. Thanks so much Gil and thanks so much in advance for anyone who can help. Nate is 39 years old, with a wife and five-year-old daughter. The family would be deeply grateful.

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