The Wish List

I know my podcast is an amateur pursuit, and thus isn’t a draw for high-profile guests. Nonetheless, I keep a Dream List of guests I’d love to interview. I like to think some of them are actually gettable, if only because my idea of a tough guest is often someone no one else is even interested in interviewing.

The one guest I despair I’ll never get is Clive James, partly because his renown as an interviewer might mean that he doesn’t have much respect for this DIY form I work in, but mainly because his health has been so poor and I don’t have any UK travel coming up.

Lucky for me, this interview he just did in the NYTimes on the eve of his publication of his new translation of The Divine Comedy answers many of the questions that I would have put to him. Still, I’m sad that I’ll (probably) never get to meet Mr. James, even if all I would do is thank him for writing Cultural Amnesia.

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