Today, I am the greatest!

Later today, the MLB 2009 Hall of Fame class will be announced, and Rickey Henderson will likely have the most votes of anyone in nearly 10 years. I’m sure pre-steroid Barry Bonds would beg to differ, but I think Rickey’s the greatest player I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see him give a 2-hour induction speech in which he lobbies to get on an major league roster for the upcoming season.

5 Replies to “Today, I am the greatest!”

  1. Ha!

    Although, I bet if you looked at the evidence, he’d be among the two or three best one-vote recipients over the years.

  2. Your name could be Wave Highfive Steroid and you still shouldn’t get in if you average 13-10 over your career. I say to be in any hall of fame you have to have a higher winning percentage than the I did playing fantasy baseball the year I forgot I had a team for two months.

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