Unrequired Reading: Nov. 21, 2008

I took yesterday off to recover from my biz-trip to Atlanta. When I got back to my home computer, I discovered a mere 1,600 items in my RSS feed. So here’s a new set of links, all freshly pressed for you! Just click more!

Huxtable! Lopate! It’s on!

* * *

My secret girlfriend has a history degree from UPenn, too?

* * *

Ikea, where time does not equal money.

* * *

It’s no Beeramid, but this is still pretty awesome.

* * *

Of course, no one ever thinks to convert an abandoned Wal-Mart into a palace of gin, comic books, and basketball, with all the clerks dressed as Bizarro Superman, but I can dream . . .

* * *

So what’s up with oil prices?

* * *

What else could I end this week with? It’s Snoop on Martha Stewart!

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