Up above, aliens hover, shooting home movies for the folks back home

While cleaning out the garage this week (I have the best stay-at-home vacations!), I came across some fun artifacts.

First up: my dad was a professional photographer, and I guess he also shot home movies (pleasedon’tturnouttobeBobCrane):

The item on the left is a Bolex Paillard P3 Zoom Reflex 8mm camera, c. 1963-4. The item on the right is a Flip video camera, c. 2008.

Looking this up online, I find that people still shoot with this Bolex; I should read more to find out how they justify using it instead of our various video and hard-drive based options. Were the lenses that much better then?

More to come . . .

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  1. I love your photo of the empty garage at #10 – last time it was that clean was February 24th, 1968 – the day we moved in!!

  2. And Dad tells me he picked it up during a trip you guys took to Switzerland. Any idea when that was? He remembers taking a train to Basel solo to buy it, but I don’t recall where he says you were staying. This would’ve been 1964, I think.

  3. actually early February 1965 – because Nyman died we postponed the wedding until after the “shloshim” (30 days) until Feb.28th so we went to Switzerland for a week instead –
    to a place called Braunwald in the mountains, no cars, no engines of any kind, and of course that was even before snowmobiles were created/invented – imagine total quiet –
    the hotel sent staff with dog sleds to the train station to haul guests’ luggage up the mountain –
    and Andy took a day to return to Basel to make watch/camera purchases –

  4. I don’t know why I said Basel – I meant ZURICH – you take a train from Zurich to a place called Ziegelbrucke, and then a funicular train up the mountain to Braunwald –
    and of course Andy went back to Zurich (not Basel) when he went camera/watch shopping and did some banking with the gnomes at the same time –

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