Wait till Monday

Ahoy, ahoy, dear readers! Sorry for the lack of updates, but Amy & I have been meandering around town, taking pictures, having fancy-pants dinners, and meeting up with friends and family, so there’s been no time to write anything. But it’s Labor Day weekend, so I doubt there are a lot of people who are compulsively checking out this site to find out about my vacation. If you are one of those people, shame on you! Go out and have a nice holiday!

Meanwhile, here’s an unrepresentative photo from our trip. Well, it’s representative of how lovely the skies have been, but we haven’t spent much time by the lake.

God Moves On the Water

We still have all of Saturday and much of Sunday here (visiting my cousins today, and a college friend and her family are coming over from Buffalo to see us tomorrow), and I already have more than a hundred pix waiting to get cleaned up and posted on Flickr, so if you check back next week, I bet you’ll find a whole lot of images.

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