What it is

What I’m reading: John Crowley’s The Solitudes (first in his 4-book Aegypt cycle) and Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha series

What I’m listening to: Angela McCluskey’s The Things We Do

What I’m watching: the first season of The Wire

What I’m drinking: Miller’s gin

What I’m happy about: the Giants reached the Super Bowl

What I’m sad about: the Giants will likely get destroyed in the Super Bowl, similar to their 2000 experience against Baltimore, which Jay Mohr characterized as “like when a white high school team from the suburbs faces a black inner-city school”

What I’m pondering: how to finish writing a post about Charles Schulz that really doesn’t support my initial thesis (that is, how Schulz and Andy Warhol exemplify certain trends in postwar American views of celebrity and art)

8 Replies to “What it is”

  1. Finished 7 episodes. Stringer just had the boys rip out the public phones down at the pit, the major is trying to get McNulty’s badge, and that other detective just visited Madame LaRue…

  2. Oh, it’s fantastic! Much more subtle and novelistic than I was expecting, esp. considering how most critics who think “TV is the new novel” don’t seem to have many expectations for novels.

  3. It only gets better. Each season just opens up a new view on Baltimore, and characters who appear scantly in one season become major players later.

    You like Omar?

  4. Lester!

    What about The Bunk?

    This is probably the only show that I’ll willingly go back and watch again. I love 24 and Heroes, but I can’t imagine spending time for a second viewing. The Wire, however…..

  5. You really oughtta read “Clockers” sometime. It’s like Dickens in the era of crack.

    And, while it’s not Baltimore, I’m pretty sure one the thinly veiled locations is the motel where Freddie Kutyla used to work….

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