What It Is: 1/11/10

What I’m reading: Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell (look! there’s proof!). Since I haven’t gotten back to my Man Out of Time decade-trospective on books, I thought I’d check out one novel that’s regarded as a Tops Of The Decade. Also, Emerson’s Divinity School Address for a St. John’s Alumni seminar on Tuesday in NYC.

What I’m listening to: Some of my old Mad Mix playlists, and Telepopmusik.

What I’m watching: NFL playoffs, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Visitor, and not much else.

What I’m drinking: Old Raj & Q-Tonic, for my pre-birthday present.

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Oh, you know the drill: Rufus using Otis as a pillow, Otis lounging on my fainting couch, etc. Sadly, we discovered this weekend that Otis is a crypto-Muslim:


Where I’m going: I have that St. John’s event on Tuesday, but that’s about the extent of my travel plans. Amy took me out to Marea on Saturday night for my pre-birthday dinner, so it looks like my EZ-Pass tag will get a little workout.

What I’m happy about: Making my first non-emergency visit to a dentist since 1988 (cleaning and checkup), finding a navy pinstripe suit in my size/cut at a Macy’s sale, helping Amy with a bunch of housecleaning, honoring my pal Sang’s memory by making a joke about Asian drivers in the parking lot outside his wake/funeral. And I turn 39 today! Yay, me!

What I’m sad about: Sang & I are never going to have our follow-up conversation about Chandni Chowk to China. Also, my 120gb iPod has only party survived my emergency surgery to replace its battery.

What I’m worried about: When I’m going to see all the friends I haven’t made time to see, and the ones who’ve let our friendship drift.

What I’m pondering: Reconstituting my old Smart Guys Salon for occasional weekend brunches in NYC with friends.

2 Replies to “What It Is: 1/11/10”

  1. Hey … ain’t it yr b-day today? With all the cryin I been doin over my lost fiancee, the calendar looks so blurry I can’t be sure. I think I see the right number of ones.

    So … I hope you this is a happy birthday for you & a good year as well.

    And by all means resurrect the Smart Guys Salon … in honor of Sang. I think we all have a tendency to substitute electronic/virtual contact for face-to-face interfacing & I don’t think it’s as healthy. It would be something good to come out of his loss.

  2. Yo! Emerson’s Divinity School Address is one of my favorite things. If you are up for a little extra Emerson check out his sermon to his congregation on resigning his pulpit because he could no longer offer communion in good conscience. And, of course, The American Scholar.

    Please let me/us know how the seminar goes.

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