What It Is: 12/20/10

What I’m reading: Continuing Black Swan Green (not to be confused with Black Swan or Black Swan), and made the mistake of re-reading Jim Woodring’s Weathercraft before going to bed one night.

What I’m listening to: Hounds of Love, Barking, and general shuffle.

What I’m watching: Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Celtics/Knicks, and the last 8 or 9 episodes of season 1 of In Treatment.

What I’m drinking: Ethereal gin & Q-Tonic

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Being bored and running around the house. Amy was sick, and I was pretty zonky, so I didn’t take them on the Sunday hike. Oh, and Rufus demonstrated his sneakysmarts: on Sunday, both of them walked into my home office as part of their strategy of never leaving my side. There was only one dog-bed in the room, and Otis took it. Rufus looked at him for a few seconds, walked out of the room, picked up a squeaky-toy in his mouth, walked back in, and placed it on the floor in front of Otis. O promptly picked it up and started playing with it, and Ru took his spot on the bed.

Where I’m going: New Orleans, if Continental doesn’t throw us off the overbooked flight.

What I’m happy about: Getting the final installment of the $1,900 in vet bills that our neighbor incurred when his dog mauled Ru. That attack took place 19 months and 1 day ago. Go, wheels of justice!

What I’m sad about: It’s more “What I’m pissed about”. My salespeople ignored the deadlines for closing our year-end gigantor directory/profile issue, and then flipped out when I told them that it’s not going to be finished by this Wednesday, for that reason. I’m all for maximizing sales, but it’s been 11 years that we’ve been working together and they never seem to have gotten over the notion that when they’re done selling pages (and directory logos, in this case), the book is magically finished. So I get to spend the next 3 days pounding out pages (except for Tuesday morning, when I have to do interviews for our Jan/Feb issue), and then have to pick it all up again when I’m back in the office on January.

What I’m worried about: Finishing the year-ender by Jan. 4.

What I’m pondering: Whether Rufus was engaging in trickery or negotiation, and what he has planned for us.

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  1. Glad you were reimbursed for the attack of the killer dog; I wondered from time to time how that worked out. I hope he’s now taking more serious precautions.

    And happy holidays. Hope you & Amy are enjoying the season …


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