What It Is: 9/13/10

What I’m reading: The Iliad

What I’m listening to: Early Springsteen, in honor of late summer.

What I’m watching: The last few episodes of the first season of Louie, along with bits and pieces of A Serious Man, Go and A Life Less Ordinary. Also, I caught The American at a matinee after the shofar services on Thursday.

What I’m drinking: Bluecoat and Q-Tonic

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Going on their first grey-hike in a few weeks, getting accustomed to new beds, and just enjoying the cooler weather.

Where I’m going: Nowhere in particular.

What I’m happy about: The new year.

What I’m sad about: This growing feeling that I just can’t keep up with The World At Large, and that I’d be better served cutting off all those RSS feeds and Facebook views and Twitter updates.

What I’m worried about: My lack of worry over this year’s conference. Last year was really debilitating, in large part because one of my key speakers went into radio silence mode for a full six months, until one day prior to the conference. No such hassles this year, and all the other aspects seem to be running smoothly.

What I’m pondering: Fate and destiny, through the lens of Achilles’ rejection of the envoy in book 9 of the Iliad. Also, whether I’ll have a heart attack if I try P90X.

5 Replies to “What It Is: 9/13/10”

  1. Nah, that’d be my brother, who suggested such a thing when he learned I was going back to the Iliad. I just don’t have the time and energy to re-learn Greek; I’ll stick with Lattimore’s translation.

    I’d still love to put together a book club of classic literature, like a mini-St. John’s, here in Ringwood, but who knows if I could draw half a dozen people to sit around once a month and talk about old books? Maybe if I promised wine . . .

  2. My new goal is to read from Song of Myself until it is finished–I haven’t read it in so long and I keep saying Whitman is my favorite poet of all time …

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