2013 Podcast Countdown: #3

The podcast countdown continues! The 3th most downloaded episode from 2013 involved my wife’s #1 beloved novel!

#3 – Readercon – Fairies and Zombies – The first of two podcasts recorded at Readercon 24, this one features John Crowley talking about his great novel Little, Big, how writing it opened the doors for his subsequent books, and how the fantasy genre has changed over the course of his career. Then longtime writer, editor and con-goer Scott Edelman talks about his zombie-fiction, his tenure at Marvel in the ’70’s, his 40-plus years of attending science fiction, comics and fantasy cons, and the pros and cons of writing workshops. (7/23/13) – mp3

Crowley was fun to interview, but the weirder story was about the interview with Edelman. We met a day earlier at Readercon and got to talking in a hallway. We sat down and had a conversation that lasted almost an hour. In some ways, it was a more fascinating talk than the one we recorded a day later, especially a segment where Scott talked about working in the Marvel Bullpen in the ‘70s and not really appreciating some of the living legends who were in the office with him. But them’s the breaks. That’s why I keep my mics on me most of the time I’m at an event like this.

Now go listen to our #3 most downloaded episode from 2013! (and go read Little, Big and while you’re at it!)

Check back tomorrow for #2! As ever, thanks to all my guests for the great conversations, and thank you, dear listeners, for each and every download!

#10-8 – Craig Gidney / Ed Hermance, Drew Friedman, Jesse Sheidlower

#7 – Willard Spiegelman

#6 – Pete Bagge

#5 – Lori Carson

#4 – Ben Katchor

And remember, you can find all our episodes at the podcast archive or by visiting iTunes! Wanna see pix of our guests? Check out the flickr set!

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