2013 Podcast Countdown: #5

On with the podcast countdown! The 5th most downloaded episode from 2013 was my conversation with musician and newly minted novelist Lori Carson!

#5 – Little Suicides, Little Fish – Singer-songwriter, member of the Golden Palominos, and debut novelist Lori Carson joins the Virtual Memories Show to talk about her new book, The Original 1982, the blurring of fact and fiction, the differences between songwriting and prose-writing (and album vs. book launches), the transformation of the  music industry, her favorite authors and the books that sustained her through her first novel, and more! It’s a great conversation with one of my favorite musical artists. (5/28/13) mp3

I’d been a fan of Lori’s music since I first heard Little Suicides back in 1994 (here’s a live version from 2011), but I think I did a good job of not having a nerd meltdown around her. My wearing a suit & tie to the interview — I had just come from a meeting with some Pfizer execs — probably helped me with that. She surprised me with the breadth and depth of her reading, and I’ve got a number of her book suggestions on my to-read list.

Now go listen to our #5 most downloaded episode from 2013! (and check out The Original 1982 and go listen to Lori’s solo work and her two records with the Golden Palominos, while you’re at it!)

Check back tomorrow for #4! As ever, thanks to all my guests for the great conversations, and thank you, dear listeners, for each and every download!

#10-8 – Craig Gidney / Ed Hermance, Drew Friedman, Jesse Sheidlower

#7 – Willard Spiegelman

#6 – Pete Bagge

And remember, you can find all our episodes at the podcast archive or by visiting iTunes! Wanna see pix of our guests? Check out the flickr set!

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