A Very Special Episode of House

It doesn’t give his name (medical privacy) and all, but there’s a great article in the NYTimes Magazine this weekend about Nathanael Sandstrom, the guy I asked you to donate platelets for. I use “great” because it’s all about how his doctors finally figured out what he was suffering from and started him on the road to recovery!

The story really comes off like an episode of House, except without the mean-spirited doc at the center of it. Oh, and no Omar Epps, either. Still, give it a read!

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  1. incredible story – I’d read that last night but didn’t connect it to your friend at all –

    it’s all rather sobering knowing that so much of diagnosis is just hit-or-miss –

  2. Ah… well as you may know, Nate is back in New York with a new Lymphoma…due to Epstein Barr virus. But we will all keep our fingers crossed.. he is so brave and tough, not to mention heroic! Thanks for the post Gil. Nate’s only real complaint was that he is 39 and they called him “middle-aged”!

  3. Agreed with Nate, and I would complain too – when did 39 become middle-aged? I wish him and his family a lot of luck and endurance with his continuing treatment.

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