Return to Dogville!

We brought Rufus back to the dog park on Saturday! I was hoping he’d be more at ease with the other breeds. He wasn’t. He still prefers to stand with us or walk over to other people and get affection. The only dogs he showed any sustained interest (more than 3 seconds) in was a Great Dane and . . . Mini-Me!

Oh, well. Enjoy the pix! (Here’s last week’s visit.)

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  1. Ned acts like an embarrassing moron with other breeds, but seems to behave himself around other greyhounds. I guess they really don’t see themselves as dogs.
    After putting it off for months, we have finally decided to take a real holiday and went to inspect our local dog boarding kennels yesterday. We were very pleased to see about 5 greyhounds staying there, so hopefully they’ll have fun.

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