Happy Halloween!

Rufus’s costume: A greyhound that actually managed to catch the bunny. Photos courtesy of my wife (who’s getting ready to launch a photography business: hint, hint).





Now to wait for the unsuspecting kids at the door. . .

Park it!

After last week’s 35-degree snap, we have 75-degree weather today. Go figure.

I’m going into the city tonight to meet friends for dinner, but since it’s such beautiful weather, I decided to take a half-day, bring Rufus to the local(ish) dog park, and hope he would finally decide to play with other dogs. (Unless it’s another greyhound, he’s not interested after the first sniff.)

As it turns out, he palled around with a retriever-y sorta dog, chasing along when the dog’s owner threw a tennis ball. This is not that dog:

Neither is this one:

In fact, I didn’t get any pix of Ru playing at all. I was too shocked. Still and all, you should probably check out the photoset.

Shred It Up

Rufus having fun with the packaging from Amy’s Crate & Barrel order:

Right at the end, I say his safe word.


I spent a chunk of the morning working on the garage. After clearing out a 40-year-old worktable, I discovered that it was over a square foot of extremely sticky, viscous grease-oil sludge, with decades worth of junk (nails, can lids, lightbulbs, etc.) trapped in it. I scraped up a lot of it (it takes the paint off the floor!), then decided to take a break.

Since it’s such a lovely day — 70 degrees, sunny, nice breeze — I decided to take Rufus out to a trail on Skyline Drive and walk up to Ramapo Lake. Ru decided that he needed to cool down a little, and, well . . .

Here’s the full set of pix from the walk. Now, back to home-work!

Lollygagging around

Oh, sure! You can take it easy, while I’m slaving away over these darned pharma-profiles! You’re lucky you’re so cute!

Rufus See Well

Last week (?) (seriously, I can’t keep track of days anymore), the police officer who handled the report for Rufus’ dog-attack case stopped by. Because of that letter I got from the Akita’s owners stating that Rufus had walked into their yard, I wanted to check with the officer that the report hadn’t been changed from the once I’d received. He supported the initial report and said that nothing had been changed; the Akita (King) attacked Ru outside the property.

We talked for a bit after that; it turns out that the policeman is a neighbor of ours (which answers the question of why I occasionally see a squad car parked in the driveway of a nearby house), and had seen the Akita unattended in its yard many times. Also, he was glad to see that Rufus was alright, because he last saw our boy the night of the attack, and things looked pretty bad.

Near the end of our conversation, I said, “Y’know what burns my ass? It’s been more than 3 weeks since their dog ripped the hell out of Rufus’ leg, and they haven’t asked once how he’s doing. I can understand them not wanting to come by, but not even a note?”

He said, “That tells you who they are.”

“That it does.”

Today I discovered that it was probably better that they stayed away.

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