Episode 280 – David Lloyd

Virtual Memories Show 280:
David Lloyd

“Art should be an adventure, and once it ceases to be that, you’re done.”

From A(ces Weekly) to V (for Vendetta): UK comics legend David Lloyd joins the show to talk about his storied career, and how he made the shift from artist to publisher with the online comics anthology magazine Aces Weekly! We get into his roots as a cartoonist and noir storyteller, the co-creation of V for Vendetta with Alan Moore and what he thinks of the Guy Fawkes mask he designed for V being used by Occupy and Anonymous (and Trivia Revolution bar posters), his stint in advertising and what it taught him about storytelling, the youthful experience of having his mind melted by Ron Embleton’s Wrath of the Gods comic, the processes he invented to draw his 2006 graphic novel, Kickback, how he’s kept an ideas notebook most of his life and finds gold in decades-old entries, dealing with Moore’s tendency to overwrite and enforcing the boundaries between artist and writer, and what he’s learned about marketing in the internet era with Aces Weekly. It’s a career-spanning conversation, so give it a listen! And go subscribe to Aces Weekly!

“I’m really pleased the V mask has become an icon of protest and resistance to tyranny.”

“Collecting a physical thing is what stops comics from growing as a medium.”

Enjoy the conversation! Then check out the archives for more great episodes!

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About our Guest

David Lloyd is the well-known illustrator and co-creator of V for Vendetta, and the publisher of Aces Weekly. His other work includes Hellblazer, Aliens, Marlowe, Global Frequency, War Stories, and the acclaimed crime thriller, Kickback. In recent years he’s worked on a volume of war memoirs, Words of Stars; an Asterix collection; his first limited-edition print, “The Prizefighter”; and a book on Sao Paulo. Dark Matter – a retrospective of his past short stories – has been published in Italy and Spain.

Credits: This episode’s music is Fella by Hal Mayforth, used with permission from the artist. The conversation was recorded at the Stewart Hotel on a pair of Blue enCORE 200 Microphones feeding into a Zoom H5 digital recorder. I recorded the intro and outro on a Heil PR-40 Dynamic Studio Recording Microphone feeding into a Cloudlifter CL-1 and a Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2×2 USB Recording Interface. All processing and editing done in Adobe Audition CC. Photo of me & Mr. Lloyd by me. It’s on my instagram.

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