Lost in the Supermarket: Deadliest Catch edition

Lost in the Supermarket is on vacation this week, on account of neurasthenia. But your faithful blogger wouldn’t leave you in the lurch!

Since tonight marks the premier of the new season of The Deadliest Catch, one of the most awesome “reality” TV shows of all time, I offer up a retro Lost in the Supermarket post: The Imitations of Crab!

My wife & I, meanwhile, will go back to our Tuesday night routine of sushi-and-crabtini in honor of the Northwestern, the Cornelia Marie, the Wizard and the Time Bandit (and evidently a couple of new boats, the Lisa Marie and the Trailblazer)!

What’s a crabtini?

Bet you’re sorry you asked.

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One Reply to “Lost in the Supermarket: Deadliest Catch edition”

  1. What, no more lost in the supermarket? I was expecting you to pick it up now that Rufus has recovered.

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