Lost in the Supermarket: Zhang Yimou edition

I’m a big fan of Zhang Yimou‘s movie Hero (no, not the Andy Garcia one!). An Asian friend of mine described it as a “Confucian action movie,” and I’ve stuck with that definition ever since, even though I know little about Confucianism.

I wasn’t such a fan of House of Flying Daggers, because it looked like a bunch of spare footage from Hero. Don’t get me wrong; I’m also a big fan of Zhang Ziyi, but her gorgeousity wasn’t enough to carry it for me.

I’m disappointed that he’s working on a sequel to that one, but I’m glad he’s got a marketing tie-in for his new actioner —

— House of Steamed Potato!

(Really, the only Chinese movie I’m pining for is a sequel to Kung Fu Hustle.)

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