Virtual Memories Radio: the missing tapes!

I just discovered that I have a podcast from last May that never posted! I could’ve sworn I posted this one shortly after Ernesto Sabato’s death on April 30, but there’s no sign of it anywhere on the blog!

The files were posted on the morning of May 4, but there’s no sign of the post I must have written to link to them! In fact, a pal of mine cited the podcast on his blog on May 14! Grar! I’m really hoping that other posts haven’t gone missing, too!

Anyway, here’s what you need to know about the time I posted this piece:

Anyway, here’s episode 3 of Virtual Memories Radio (mp3 and m4a). It’s about 10 minutes long and recorded in several different locations in my house, so the audio has some jumps in quality.

I’m planning to record a new one this weekend, but it’ll be another solo joint. Boo. . .

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