What It Is: 1/11/10

What I’m reading: Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell (look! there’s proof!). Since I haven’t gotten back to my Man Out of Time decade-trospective on books, I thought I’d check out one novel that’s regarded as a Tops Of The Decade. Also, Emerson’s Divinity School Address for a St. John’s Alumni seminar on Tuesday in NYC.

What I’m listening to: Some of my old Mad Mix playlists, and Telepopmusik.

What I’m watching: NFL playoffs, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Visitor, and not much else.

What I’m drinking: Old Raj & Q-Tonic, for my pre-birthday present.

What Rufus & Otis are up to: Oh, you know the drill: Rufus using Otis as a pillow, Otis lounging on my fainting couch, etc. Sadly, we discovered this weekend that Otis is a crypto-Muslim:


Where I’m going: I have that St. John’s event on Tuesday, but that’s about the extent of my travel plans. Amy took me out to Marea on Saturday night for my pre-birthday dinner, so it looks like my EZ-Pass tag will get a little workout.

What I’m happy about: Making my first non-emergency visit to a dentist since 1988 (cleaning and checkup), finding a navy pinstripe suit in my size/cut at a Macy’s sale, helping Amy with a bunch of housecleaning, honoring my pal Sang’s memory by making a joke about Asian drivers in the parking lot outside his wake/funeral. And I turn 39 today! Yay, me!

What I’m sad about: Sang & I are never going to have our follow-up conversation about Chandni Chowk to China. Also, my 120gb iPod has only party survived my emergency surgery to replace its battery.

What I’m worried about: When I’m going to see all the friends I haven’t made time to see, and the ones who’ve let our friendship drift.

What I’m pondering: Reconstituting my old Smart Guys Salon for occasional weekend brunches in NYC with friends.