Podcast: All Tomorrow’s Parties

Virtual Memories – season 3 episode 3
Miss Scorpio – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Love burlesque? Steampunk? Funky hats? Swing music? Russian baths? General decadence? In our latest episode, I talk with Miss Scorpio, party planner extraordinaire and mistress of Gemini and Scorpio, about 10 years of throwing fabulous themed costume parties, curating one of New York City’s largest underground mailing lists of offbeat cultural events, transforming her loft into A Midsummer Night’s Dream, building your own social network, and why you never want to do dinner and a movie for your internet first date.

Your podcast-host may be a bookish stick-in-the-mud, but his friends aren’t!


Enjoy the conversation! Then check out the archives for more!

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About our Guest

Miss Scorpio is the the mistress of Gemini & Scorpio Events. She loves brass bands, circus, and fab hats. Her possibly out-of-date bio tells us, “Miss Scorpio dazzles audiences worldwide with her outrageous wit and wardrobe, constantly shocking the status quo into something more fabulous. She is an attention-getting, opinionated, stylish and intellectual artist who has worked for high-powered design firms and traveled with carnivals & gypsy bands, among many unique life experiences. A brazen Scorpio, she regularly talks to strangers.” You can find more about Miss Scorpio and her events at Gemini & Scorpio, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube. (And why don’t you sign up for her mailing list?)

Credits: This episode’s music is End of the Party by English Beat. The conversation was recorded on a pair of AT2020 mics, feeding into a Zoom H4n recorder. I recorded the other material on a Blue Yeti USB mic into Audacity. All editing and processing was done in Garage Band.

Podcast: Manga-loids and Steampunks

Virtual Memories – season 2 episode 8
Diana Renn and Paul Di Filippo – Manga-loids and Steampunks

The July episode of The Virtual Memories Show is ready to go! This time around, you get two interviews for the price of one!

During my June trip to Boston for the BIO annual meeting, I recorded conversations with Diana Renn, a writer who just published her first book, a YA novel called Tokyo Heist, and Paul Di Filippo, a science fiction writer and critic who’s celebrating his 30th year as a freelance writer.

I thought of posting them as two separate podcasts, but it made more sense to have the perspectives of the first-time novelist and the life-time writer in a single episode. Diana has lots to say about working through the novel-writing process and how her history with comic books informs her, while Paul has a ton to say about the current state of science fiction, how he carved out a role in it, what it’s like to be the “King of Steampunk,” the allure of Providence, RI, and whether he’d have taken an assignment for the Before Watchmen series.

Paul and me

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Credits: This episode’s music is Rewrite from Paul Simon’s recent record So Beautiful or So What? I recorded the intro on a Blue Yeti mic into Audacity, and the conversation with was recorded on a pair of Blue Encore 100 mics, feeding into a Zoom H4N recorder.