Oh, Canada! You scamp!

Hey! It’s a little photoset from our Toronto trip last weekend! (Amy has a bunch more great pix, but hasn’t processed & posted ’em yet.)

Okay. I’m sorry that I picked that one instead of one of my awesome cityscapes, but  isn’t that the best name for a store? Of any kind? Ever?

Anyway, I posted some more pix to that set from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, so you should go back and check ’em all out! Repeatedly!

What It Is: 5/12/09

What I’m reading: I read Chuck Klosterman’s Killing Yourself To Live during the weekend, and enjoyed that a bunch (not quite 85%, but still). I also read some of the comics that I bought during TCAF: Seaguy, Tales from the Farm and Swallow Me Whole. There are a whole ton more in the queue.

What I’m listening to: The Shepherd’s Dog, by Iron & Wine.

What I’m watching: The eh conclusion of Dollhouse, which had a couple of neat twists and turns but was never going to be able to match the impossibly well-crafted heel twist in the previous episode.

What I’m drinking: The lesser gins that they have at Lai Wah Heen, where Amy & I managed to eat 3 times in 3 days (Friday dinner, Saturday dim sum lunch, Sunday dinner after our evening plans fell through). We also had a nice wine (and fantastic meal) at Lee on Saturday night.

What Rufus is up to: Not getting into any trouble during his weekend with fellow grey, Tut! And spending lots of time at girls’ sporting events, since the family that was taking care of him has 3 daughters between 10 and 17.

Where I’m going: Atlanta next Monday for the BIO conference. My 3 nights will consist of a visit with friends in Decatur, a dinner at the awesome restaurant Bacchanalia with a client (and pal), and then the Rockies-Braves game, with more client-pals. The day before the trip, we’ll head down to Bridgewater (weather permitting) for the semi-annual greyhound picnic! In other words, don’t expect a ton of posts next week, either.

What I’m happy about: Having a nice getaway weekend with my wife. It was good to be in a city that we’d already visited and photographed; it made this visit much more about just relaxing and having some nice meals, instead of feeling like we had to get out and see the sights. Oh, and we were happy to see my cousin Andrew & his family!

What I’m sad about: That I had to tell numerous cartoonists that I either don’t know who they are or don’t know what they’ve published in the last few years. Still, most everyone seemed happy that I was willing to take their pictures for digital posterity!

What I’m worried about: Nothing I can think of, so yay!

What I’m pondering: Our next mini-vacation. We’re thinking of making the drive up to Montreal for a long weekend sometime this summer.


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