Alexandria via St. Louis

Virtual Memories – season 2 episode 2
Gil Roth – Burning Libraries

Another month, another podcast! I told you I was trying to keep to some sorta schedule for 2012, so here’s the latest installment of the Virtual Memories Podcast!

I’m still working with both mic placement and amp effects, so I apologize in advance if you’ll need to turn up the volume a little to listen to it. I really oughtta take a class in this stuff, so I can get the technical aspects down, rather than hashing this stuff out every time.

Still, it’s another podcast! Enjoy!

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Credits: music from Rome, by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi, feat. Norah Jones. The Five Books interview with Geoff Dyer can be found here. Here’s a link to the m4a version, in case you want the version that has my headshot and all.

3 Replies to “Alexandria via St. Louis”

  1. bo’s house burned down!! Good God! I stopped listening to print my astonishment & dismay.. I’m so sorry. glad of course eveyone is safe but what an awful ordeal.


  2. Another fine podcast–even if it did bear bad tidings. But I think your fantasy football draft analogy was too funny to leave at one or two lines. You should expand it maybe in a future skit.

    As for that copy of GRey Lamb, Black Falcon–I HAVE it! You loaned it to me without telling me it belonged to a friend and I dogearred and marked it up like nobody’s business. I bought a replacement copy–so your friend just has a replica spawned by a pod–or Penguin press. It is worth reading no matter when you get to it; one of the top ten books I have EVER read in any genre.

    More anon …


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