F*** You, You Aimlessly Whining F***: Facebook Disillusionment edition

Seriously, I don’t even know what this NYT article on people quitting Facebook is supposed to be about. People are leaving Facebook because they didn’t read the terms of agreement? Because they were using it too much? Because it’s not magically free of copyright restrictions?

Save our newspapers (from idiotic stories)!

3 Replies to “F*** You, You Aimlessly Whining F***: Facebook Disillusionment edition”

  1. That was a pretty pointless article, yeah — the “talk to six people and write down everything they say” is always a bad idea.

    The thing I like best about Facebook is when I have it open in a window and forget about it and people try to chat with me and I end up blowing them off and then they’re mad at me. If it only did that, I would have signed up.

  2. As with electronic devices, people seem to feel that they are controlled by their social networking sites rather than controlling them. As Tom points out, it is possible to ignore as much as you want, or delay response until you’re good and ready. No one has to post, email, or respond to calls or texts unless/until they want to… Why the angst?

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