Flippin’ sweet!

Last week, I was over at my dad’s, going through old photographs. There were some great ones of Dad as a child, as well as a gorgeous pic of his parents’ wedding (naturally, before he was a child), and other shots of him with his brothers, as kids and adults.

But did Amy want to see any of that stuff? NO! She was much more interested in the photo below, from when I was 18 years old and bore a mind-blowing resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite (not as good as this guy’s resemblance, but still):

Sigh. She plans on sending it to all of her friends who haven’t met me yet, to show them what a catch her future husband is.

Update: Shut up! I turned out to be all decent-looking and stuff! See? Even if I did have bad facial hair. . .

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  1. Because I know how good-looking you are now, I can only say this: JESUS GIL! Someone let you have that hair and the girl glasses? Where were your friends?

  2. Um, his friends were looking just as bad as he was.

    It’s the look of disappointed, resigned contempt on Bo’s face that makes the whole thing priceless.

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